Personalized Giving Page

How to Set Up My Personalized Online Giving Page

  1. Go to
  1. Click Create a Team
  1. Sign up or sign in with your Kindful account
    a. If you’ve donated online before, make sure to use the same email address associated with your account.
    b. If you log into your existing Kindful account, click “Causes” in the lefthand menu and then select 2022 AGAPE Kids Classic. From there you can follow the steps below to continue creating your team.
  1. Getting Started
    a. Click Continue
  1. Create Your Team
    a. Enter information about your team to be featured on your page
    b. Click Create and Continue
  1. Customize It
    a. Choose a theme color
    b. Add your profile image (optional)
    c. Add a featured image (optional). Click Save and Continue
  1. Finish
    a. Invite friends via Twitter and Facebook, and email your link to potential sponsors

Need help? Reach out!

Contact Laura Troup ( or call 615-781-3000 for any questions about your personalized giving page.