Developing your sponsor list

Developing Your Potential Sponsor List

Think about some of these people, businesses, or categories of people that you might contact about sponsorship.


Civic Clubs

Christmas Card List


Extended Family
Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter Contacts

1. Make a list of names, phone numbers and addresses of people who you can contact, send a letter or email.  Remember to include businesses and companies in your list.

2. Send out your letter or emails to those you want to personally call.  Giving them some information before you call is always a good idea and will help in making you more successful.

3. If you have a social media account like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, begin posting with your personalized fundraising page.

4. When you start making calls or asking in person, don’t apologize for asking!  You are simply letting people know about a need you believe in and asking for their help.  Be bold and challenge them to sponsor you and be appreciative of any amount they can give.

5. Don’t get discouraged!  You will get some rejection!  Remember that you are asking for their help and some won’t be able to, for various reasons.  Don’t take their response personally.

6. Keep adding to your list as new people come to mind.  Always keep your eyes open for new potential sponsors.

7. Don’t quit, even if you reach your initial goal!  The more sponsorship you raise, the more opportunity you will have to earn additional incentives and help your team rise above the crowd!  The amount of money you raise will directly impact the number of children and families that will be helped at AGAPE.

8. Is there someone you know who might “match”, dollar for dollar, the money you raise?  Be creative about how you can reach your goal.